Creative Memphis Podcast
Episode #020: Jason Prater | Farmhouse

Farmhouse, the rising design powerhouse, sports the creative minds Ben Fant and Jason Prater. Jason came onto the podcast to chat Farmhouse, amazing clients, how to not get to close to your work, the no longer existent Commercial Appeal niche pubs department, and shares his amazing bourbon with the boys. Settle in for a fun time, but don't forget to head over to their website and check out their fantastic portfolio.


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Episode #019: Heather Pike | Tart

Heather explains her part in Memphis' only combo gallery restaurant pastry coffee shop. Heather and Abby of Tart have created a collective space where Memphis lovers can enjoy amazing food and edgy artists. The kinds of artists Tart is interested in show casing appeal to visceral material that's a little bit bizarre and slightly troubling, but is not in your face. We also examine the ideas of working with a partner, changing expectations, and just how Tart maintains it's adaptability.

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