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In this episode Ned Canty general director and Michael Sakir music director both of Opera Memphis tell us how September is the perfect time for opera, how opera doesn't suck and has it's fair share of sex drugs and rock n roll.

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Billy "Unexpected traverser" Nation
Kim “Connected to all the things all the time” Morrison
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In this episode Victoria Jones of The CLTV talks about her passion to fight for representation of African American artists and how they are uplifting and empowering the city's Black community through thoughtful and creative interactions.
Who is The CLTV? The CLTV is an art organization dedicated to providing a platform to African American artists within the city. Through art based programming, workshops, and community building efforts we employ the use of creative expression as a vehicle to shift our culture towards positive growth, creativity, and strength. interview

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Billy "about to get away (with it)" Nation
Kenny “always doin somethin” Wayne
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