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Episode #052: Ziggy Mack, photography
Having risen from the night club photography scene , the stylish Ziggy Mack later examined rhythm and movement through fashion and ballet, but now explores powerful imagery of mermaids underwater. Ziggy puts an energetic spin on the traditional photographer all while documenting niche cultures.
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Episode #051: Mary Jo Karimnia, Artist
Mary Jo Karimnia keeps active and fresh through her own work, volunteering, and running community focused support. A student of life and of others, Mary Jo has focused on growing her career by speaking up when some weren't and finding out how to practice the professional side of art through helping others.
Belongings 2: Re-purposed (link)
An open call exhibit - This second incarnation of the Belongings show continues in the spirit of community and the reuse and re-imagining of objects.
  • All artists are invited to participate by purchasing any object of inspiration from the Cleveland Street Flea Market at 438 N Cleveland to transform into (or use as inspiration for) a new work of art.
  • Deadline/drop-off is April 25 at 422 Cleveland.
  • The show opens April 29th and continues to May 14th.

Mary Jo Karimnia
Website | Instagram

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