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Episode #043: Billy & Andrew | Holiday+Outtakes 2015

Billy & Andrew discuss people, movies, philosophy, psychology, the tragedy of humans, and STAR WARS. Heads up, Billy ranks episodes 1-7, sort of, barely (its more like a Venn diagram with elements of pie). Andrew's happy with his results for 2015 and shares insights for what's ahead in 2016. PLUS, OUTTAKES! Yaaaaay!

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Episode #042: Brit McDaniel | Paper & Clay
Brit McDaniel's Paper & Clay pottery evokes mid-century modern Scandinavian minimalism wrapped up in useful life style accessories. She advocates for raising the level of quality Memphis creatives are known for. Having taken her own winding road to find that path fuels Brit's drive for progress.
Memphis Indie Holiday Market
Saturday, December 12 at 11:00am - 5:00pm
Muddy's Grind House
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Episode #041: Rebecca Phillips & Caitlin Horton, Memphis Type History
Memphis Type History started as illustrated paintings which lead to a successful Kickstarter which lead to a book deal, but that changes! Listen from the fabulous ladies of Memphis Type, Rebecca Phillips & Caitlin Horton, on that evolution and the serendipity there after. The typography of Memphis has a story to tell and so do Rebecca and Caitlin.
Memphis Type History
Facebook | Twitter | Instagram
Interested in collaborating with @MemphisType? email them at
Memphis Indie Holiday Market
Saturday, December 12at 11:00am - 5:00pm
Muddy's Grind House
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Episode #040: Sean Mosley, Spillit storyteller / podcaster

Sean Mosley hails from Michigan, came to Memphis for family, and later discovered Spillit Memphis. Through stage storytelling he's grown in a way that's introduced a new perspective for his experiences in life. It's that opportunity to share a part of himself through storytelling and taking away that same element from others that can be a catalyst. Listen as Sean explains those moments.

Spillit Story Grand Slam 2015: M-E-M-P-H-I-S
Friday, November 20 at 7:00pm
Location: Crosstown Strip

Suggested episodes - Ep29 Leah Keys, Ep04 Josh Campbell

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Episode #039: Michelle Duckworth, illustrator

Michelle Duckworth's illustrations are often inspired by fairy tales, but she enjoys sharing those vignettes where you could imagine anything with a whimsical and slightly peculiar slant. We discuss her designing sets of Opera Memphis, classic client talk, and traversing artist markets in Memphis. Catch a ride and enjoy as she explains the adventure.

What is a Duckworth?
Facebook | Blogspot | Etsy

Wilderness Children
Nov 3 - 29, Memphis Botanic Gardens
Opening Reception: Nov 8th, 3-5pm

Suggested episode - Shane McDermott

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Episode #038: Melissa Sweazy, Writer-Director

A homegrown dreamer that moved away in the midst of college times and other-than-Memphisly exploration, Melissa and family came back out of necessity, but found a different city. People were breathing life into their crazy ideas and that showed hope for making her dream of film making happen. Not in L.A., but in the big 901 instead. First "John's Farm" in 2013 and this year with "The Department of Signs and Magical Intervention" which you can catch at this year's Indie Memphis.

John's Farm: vimeo on demand
Dept of Signs be shown in the Hometowner Narrative #1 during Indie Memphis
Nov 4, 6 – 8 PM, at the Halloran Centre for Performing Arts

Suggested episode - Erik Jambor

Indie Memphis - tickets!
November 3rd - 10th

Indie Memphis connects and inspires indie filmmakers and film-lovers through the unique creative landscape that is the home of the Blues and the birthplace of Rock 'n' Roll.
This year's festival runs during the evenings of November 3rd through the 10th at Circuit Playhouse & Studio on the Square near in the Overton Square area as well as the brand new Halloran Center in Downtown Memphis right next to the Orpheum. You can go to for more details, tickets/passes, and a run down on this year's amazing selection of films.

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Episode #037: Jack Simon | BristerFest

Jack Simon has grown Bristerfest​ into a local celebration of family-friendly music, vendors, and artwork. This year's production is free to the public and we hope to see all of you there. Learn from Jack's magic board method to turn your cloudy thoughts and pull them into reality.

Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Youtube
October 10th, 11am - 6pm
Overton Square Tower Courtyard

EPK page | Brister Street Productions

Suggested episode - Marco Pave'


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Episode #036: Designer's Roundtable 1, Creative Works

We sat down with recent design grads Shelda Edwards and Jess Vandenberg along with CreativeWorks founder Josh Horton to discuss the realities of entering the working field as a designer in our very first designer’s roundtable. Join the conversation as we learn about having that academic rug pulled from underneath and figuring out how to swim on your own.

Shelda Edwards -
Jess Vandenberg -
Josh Horton -

Creative Works


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Afterthoughts #001: Zandria Robinson

Zandria Robinson takes being a sociologist to a whole new level. Recently under pressure for speaking her mind, Dr. Zandria Robinson came onto the podcast in Sept 2014 and we recorded some extra time with her in the studio. Introducing Creative Memphis Podcast (CMP) Afterthoughts 001, the first bonus clip in our unscheduled series of extras to the podcast. Sit back and expand your horizons with Rhodes college's newest addition before she made that important step in her career.

Dr. Robinson’s book:
This Ain’t Chicago: Race, Class, and Regional Identity in the Post-Soul South (New Directions in Southern Studies)

Dr. Robinson's blog:
The New South Negress 

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Episode #035: Funlola Coker, Sculptor (of tiny things)

Funlola Coker of Gnomeore Crafts is a maker of tiny things such as miniature foods, jewelry, and gnomes! Coming to the US from Lagos, Nigeria​ Funlola was attending Memphis College of Art​ when her parents surprised her with the potential for #citizenship in the United States​. Listen as she details citizenship, how her first year of full-time self employment has been progressing, and how she balances life with her toaster oven.

Instagram- OR @gnomeore_crafts
Etsy Shop  -

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Episode #034: Lisa Michaels, musician/comedian

Lisa Michaels is a fabulous musician and comedian who explored Memphis in her past life, came back recently, and is making a splash. In this episode we discover her past, her transgender journey, phoenix like revival, and finding happiness in Memphis. Lisa knows how to make a grand entrance, capture your attention on stage, and create unique experiences you will treasure. Sit back and enjoy this revealing episode.

Don't be Afraid of the Comedy
8:15pm at the Hi-Tone

OUTloud Comedy Showcase and Open Mic
Aug 14 at MGLCC starting at nine fifteen

Night Works comedy show hosted by Katrina Coleman
Sept 4 at Theater Works starts at Midnight

Lady Parts Justice From V To Shining V at Ernestine & Hazel's
Sept 26

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Amanda blends her talents with the lens, psychology, and social media skills into Amanda Hill Photography, Memphis Bombshells, and Choose901. Now is the time and Memphis is the place for sure. We tackle nerdy social platform issues,  emerging tools, keeping yourself on track, savy skills to curate your feeds, great places to take a picture in Memphis, and pursuing the perfect cup of Joe.

Twitter | Facebook | Instagram

Memphis Bombshells
Twitter | Facebook | Instagram


Amanda Hill Photography
Twitter | Facebook | Instagram

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Lauren Kennedy is executive director of Urban Arts Commission, a local non-profit responsible for helping the city manage public art projects. They enhance the cultural vibrancy of communities through the development of public art. They also celebrate diversity in everything they do.

Urban Arts Commission

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Episode #031: Birdcap & Nosey42 | Street artists

Birdcap, Nosey42, and many others have been painting Memphis transforming our spaces into works of beauty as opposed to vacant properties. They came into the studio to chat about the journey from drawing nonstop to painting under bridges, yelling about people or life, running the letter game, and making a dream happen.

Birdcap FB

Memphis Brooks - Buggin' and Shurggin: A glitched history of gaming culture
June - September 2015

Paint Memphis ioby
Open july 18th. The wall starts at the Chelsea trailhead, at North Evergreen and Chelsea and goes west for .3 miles.

DIGITAL-ROCK | Bboy Jam | Hip-Hop Party | Gaming Tournament
Saturday, July 18, 5:00pm - 9:00pm at Memphis Brooks

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Episode #030: Sarah Fleming, filmmaker

Sarah Fleming, connected to the core culture and music scene of Memphis, came onto the podcast and discussed civicly minded film making, being a new mom, past and current film projects, her grant from Indie Memphis and subsequent upcoming film, and bikes galore. All kinds of tidbits such as chasing grant money, running Live from Memphis, directing documentaries and more.

Cat and fish
Live From Memphis

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Episode #029: Leah Keys, Spillit | Amurica Photo

The affable Leah Keys came by for Spillit pt 2 in 2015. Spillit is true, unscripted stories told in front of a live audience in Memphis, Tennessee. Today, you get the scoop on Spillit origins, naming, logo, and breakthroughs. Plus, Spillit Evolves with the Spillit  story station and Leah talks here first letting you know about the new initiative.

iTunes podcast

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Episode #028: Artistik Approach | Alt Hip Hop

Siphen Sylve and Brandon "Eso" Tolson form Artistik Approach the rising alternative hip-hop duo you can find every third Thursday of the month at Artistik Lounge found at Minglewood Hall. "We're kinda like Take 6 meets the Fugees in the kitchen with Doug E. Fresh at Erykah Badu's house...but not really." The pair meet while taking classes at MCA and remained in Memphis after graduation because of ties that bind and the connection to Memphis formed during their time here. Siphen is director of public art at Urban Arts as well as her own illustration and Brandon does design for Choose901 plus runs his own freelance on the side. 


Siphen Sylve - saayes
Brandon Tolson - CoolUrbanHippie

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Episode #027: Leni Stoeva | Creative Placemaker

Leni Stoeva is excited to be apart of the growing change in Soulsville of Memphis through her role as Creative Place Maker at Community Lift. Born in Bulgaria and raised in Memphis, TN, she works on programming art related events in the area as well as social and historical neighborhood activities in the soon to be music district that is Soulsville, USA.

Community Lift

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Episode #026: Mike McCarthy | Indie Film Maker

Fueled by sleek rockabilly  and driven by a love for comics, Elvis, and wrestling, Mike McCarthy is passionate about you, Memphis. Share in his zeal for drive-in movies, the Coliseum, and plans for a short film about fighting for survival in a dystopian future.

Time-Warp Drive In
The Roundhouse Revival - Coliseum Coalition - Facebook page
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Episode #025: Shane McDermott, Illustrator | MCA

Hailing from parts beyond man Shane Mc Dermott, the last son of Krypton, has landed in Memphis with the goals of instructing art, creating personal stories, and protecting our fair city from the likes of the Legion of Doom. Shane has illustrated for the Commercial Appeal and McGraw Hill and is nearing the end of his M.F.A. whilst finalizing a graphic novel to be published after his masterful graduation. He also instructs at the Memphis College of Art; you'll get to hear about his evolution of  teaching,trying to move past perfection, and the potato he used to draw all the time. Comics, Star Wars, and more lies within.

Shane's Blog
Memphis College of Art

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Episode #024: Jerome Hardaway | Frago/developer

Former special forces and all truth, you won't get any bluff from Jerome Hardaway, developer and founder for Frago Memphis, a non-profit that that has a proactive approach to veterans transition back into civilian life. You might have heard about them. A force to be reckoned with, Jerome is a son of Memphis and has purposefully chosen to lend his expertise, drive, and goals for a better future in this city rather than leave. Obstacles in Jerome's world are meant to be surmounted.



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Episode #023: Katrina Coleman | Memphis Comedy Fest

Katrina Coleman, local comedian and Memphis Comedy Festival director took CMP by storm, during the ice storm, and this track goes off the rails. How shall we offend you? Let us count the ways, beer drama, kraut farts, toy surprises and so much more and so much worse. No subject unclaimed, no zeitgeist untapped. Unfiltered and uncensored creative content, right here, right now.

Memphis Comedy Fest - Festival Pass


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Episode #022: Brian Wentzloff | Musistic

The many varied soul Brian Wentzloff came onto the podcast and we traverse several passions. Chiefly, Brian is a partner in Musistic, a simple to use plug-in that works across nearly all digital audio platforms allowing limitless creative audio collaboration. We also discuss crypto-currency, the alluring digital economy, Brian+friends 'entrepreneur's outlook' on their own podcast, LSSR, and what it was like going through the seed hatchery experience in Memphis.


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Episode #021: Phillip Ashley Rix | Chocolatier

Phillip Ashley Rix came by to talk about his approachable luxuries at Phillip Ashley chocolates as well as his experiences away from and then back to Memphis. You'll hear about his process on chocolate-smithing, the clues behind some of the shop's creations, and, crafting the experience for customers. It's the branded chocolates that capture our imagination and show how Phillip Ashley is at the forefront of a sweet revolution.


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Episode #020: Jason Prater | Farmhouse

Farmhouse, the rising design powerhouse, sports the creative minds Ben Fant and Jason Prater. Jason came onto the podcast to chat Farmhouse, amazing clients, how to not get to close to your work, the no longer existent Commercial Appeal niche pubs department, and shares his amazing bourbon with the boys. Settle in for a fun time, but don't forget to head over to their website and check out their fantastic portfolio.


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Episode #019: Heather Pike | Tart

Heather explains her part in Memphis' only combo gallery restaurant pastry coffee shop. Heather and Abby of Tart have created a collective space where Memphis lovers can enjoy amazing food and edgy artists. The kinds of artists Tart is interested in show casing appeal to visceral material that's a little bit bizarre and slightly troubling, but is not in your face. We also examine the ideas of working with a partner, changing expectations, and just how Tart maintains it's adaptability.

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