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Virginia Murphy explains the soul mending experience that is Playback Memphis. Playback Theatre is a unique collaboration — the audience shares a personal story or moment, then watches as Playback recreates that story with artistic shape and coherence. Playback brings stories to life and life to communities. Creative, heal thyself.

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Episode #011: Dr. Zandria Robinson, author and ethnographer

Zandria Robinson takes being a sociologist to a whole new level. She continues her conversation on the South by appearing on CMP and broadening horizons. Subjects include black southern heritage, the Ferguson riots, the southernization of America, commodetization of ideas, culture creators, and so much more. A podcast so heavy it's worthy of enjoying with some honey butter biscuits and crunchy potato tacos.

Dr. Robinson's book:
This Ain't Chicago: Race, Class, and Regional Identity in the Post-Soul South (New Directions in Southern Studies)

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Episode #010: Billy Bicket, Blur | Memphis Punch

The benevolent Billy B came onto the podcast and we learned about how he's trying to change the world through creativity and setup a creative technologists conference, Blur. We also cover #venturecapital, the patron scene in Memphis, social movements, and we go in depth to see how a creative social activist develops over time.


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