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In this episode, we have Ed Harris of Omerta, and previously Piston Head, On A Dead Machine, and Surrender The Fall. He’s been in the music biz for over 17 years and Omerta is his foray into independence with no labels just artists that share the same passion about the music they create.


Community LIFT is pleased to announce the launch of a pilot residency program in Social Practice Art. Social practice art is a form of artwork that focuses on collaboration and outreach to individuals, communities, and institutions. The success of the artwork is based on the relationship built between the community, it’s members, and the artwork. The value of the artwork created resides, not only in the finished product, but in the experiences the participants have during the process and the creation of a stronger community.
The Residency Period is from June through August and the deadline to apply is April 30th 2017.Selected artists will be notified by May 21st and must be ready to start residency program by June 5th.

To apply interested applicants should contact Leni Stoeva at and specific instructions will be emailed to them. To find out more about the Soulsville Residency Program in Social Practice Art visit or on facebook.
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